I am Erin Brauer. Lover of light, color and all things simple and beautiful.


My focus, as a photographer, is to work  to bring professionalism and an artistic eye to my client’s portraiture, look and brand, and working with  startups to begin their vision or entrepreneurs that are ready to take their business to the next level is a primary mission of mine.


I also work with my clients to incorporate professional photography into their social media strategy on facebook and instagram.  Visual Consulting is a tool that I have increasingly incorporated into my business to help clients have a cleaner, more professional look to their social media, and to help them expand their reach if they are an on-line sales driven business. Merging photography and social media makes the job of advertising on-line more efficient and gives a more cohesive, professional look.


If you are curious about how we might collaborate, I would love to talk about it!